For Families

We know how hard it can be adjusting to your teenagers becoming drivers themselves. You can’t always be there to guide them. Our app helps give you the peace of mind you need.


Auto Crashes Involving Cell Phones

A majority of what happens on the road is out of our control—weather or construction. We help control what you can.


Likelyhood of an Accident While Distracted

It only takes a brief second, but that second could be the difference. Using your phone while driving is dangerous to all.


Time Teenagers Drive Distracted

Young drivers have enough to get used to on the road. Our technology takes away their biggest issue behind the wheel.

Daughter Driving Distracted

Supports Multiple Drivers

More than one driver in the house? Our app allows you to set up different accounts for each person behind the wheel of your vehicle. Easily track all of your kids.

Finally — distraction free driving

Sometimes, our phones are the hardest things for us to put down. Especially when it comes to teenagers. Our app can disable specific features while the vehicle is on the road.
NIX USB Plugged into vehicle
Map Travel

Information sent right to your phone

Learn where your drivers are stopped at, how far they’ve gone during their trip and when they attempt to use their phone. Our notifications are instant and can be sent by a number of ways.


We bet your parents wish they had this technology when you were a teenage driver. Parents have more control than ever before when it comes to their kids out on the roads.

Track Loved Ones

Nervous about having your teenagers out in the world? NIX gives you the peace of mind you’re looking for. Easily track your loved ones with our free app. Information is updated instantly.

Instant Notifications

With our free app you can get instant alerts and updates sent right to your phone. Tracking your loved ones and employees is easier than ever before. All the data you need!


You’ll know about it immediately if your driver has disabled our app or specific functions of our technology. Find out when our app has been stopped, turned off or paused.


For every notification you’d like sent right to your phone, we can send a SMS text message, or a message through our free app. You’ll know you’re never missing something vital.

All in One Place

Keep track of all your family members on one screen using our app. The family administrator is able to stay updated on everyone’s trips and locations to ensure all drivers gets to their destination safe and sound.

Seven Days of Trips

Need to remember where you went last week? Our app has seven days of travel data accessible to you whenever you need it. Perfect for keeping tabs on your teenager’s habits, or even remembering when you ran to the grocery store.


We’re here to help. If you have a question that cannot be easily answered by one of the sections below, please feel free to call or email us today.

Q. My car is an older model. Is this device compatible?

A. Plug-and-play convenience, plus super simple setup with any vehicle—no matter how old your car is. Completely compatible with all iPhone, iPad or iPod touch products.

Q. Can someone else use your phone while it’s plugged in?

A. If you have a passenger in your car and they need to use your phone—no problem. Our app allows for driver and passenger modes to be enabled once you start your commute.

Q. How quickly will I know my teen’s location?

A. Our app will send you notifications constantly updating you on your driver’s whereabouts. As soon as the car is stopped, you’ll get a message alerting you as to when and where.

Q. Do you lose complete usage of your phone while this is plugged in? What about emergencies?

A. Don’t worry, you won’t lose complete control of your phone while using NIX. You’re still able to take or make a phone call, ask Siri for directions and even navigate with Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze.

Q. Is there a way to alert other people that your phone is not in use?

A. This feature is not currently available in the app. If you are interested in this feature, or any other feature you don’t see listed, please reach out to us.

Q. Is the app easy to pause so my kids can use it briefly?

A. Our 60-second pause mode allows you to briefly use your phone while you’re driving. At a red light and need to check on something? You have a small window of time to read that screen!

Client Testimonials

It’s good to have for the peace of mind it provides.

– Karen


NIX USB and Phone App

Track Loved-Ones, Employees, Mileage, and Trips.

Simply download the ap and plug the GoPoint NIX into your vehicle’s USB or Power Point. In moments you’ll be free of distractions while driving.