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5 Benefits of Using a Safe Driving App

March 2, 2018 by gopointnix0

Everyone knows distracted driving is a dangerous act. Distractions result in serious damage to cars, severe injuries, and fatalities. It’s no secret that driving while distracted has a lot of downsides, but what you may not know about are the many benefits of distraction-free driving. What exactly are the advantages of using safe driving apps?

NIX, a distracted driving app and device, is designed to help you enjoy the benefits of having a do not disturb while driving feature on your phone. Here’s how using a safe driving app can help you and the world around you.

1. Reduces Accidents

One of the key benefits of using a safe driving app is reducing injuries and deaths caused by smartphone distractions. Even taking your eyes off the road for a few seconds can send you barreling towards numerous hazards, such as a tree, pole, cliff, guardrail, pedestrian, or another vehicle. Simply by installing an app on your phone, you can make the road safer for yourself and everyone around you.

2. Fewer Tickets

Police officers are out in full force cracking down on distracted drivers. Why do something that could land you a hefty ticket or even jail time if you injure or kill someone because of a distraction? Don’t give the police a reason to pull you over.

3. Economic Benefits

If you don’t check your phone while driving, you’re benefiting the economy. Here’s how:

● It significantly reduces insurance costs, giving you more disposable income.
● Dramatic elimination in lost wages for time you may have to take off work because of an accident.
● It saves police department a lot of money and helps them tackle more critical issues in local communities.

Believe it or not, simply putting down your phone can have a huge financial benefit.

4. Improved Focus and Relaxation

When you’re driving, your attention should be on the task at hand. Even if you’ve been driving for years or decades, it’s never appropriate to distract yourself with technology. By eliminating notifications on your phone, you’ll be able to focus completely on getting from point A to point B. You may even find a sense of relief when you aren’t able to use your phone while driving. Disconnecting can help you clear your mind and reduces how much you depend on technology to keep yourself occupied.

5. Ethical Benefits

By driving distraction free, you’re doing the right thing. You know in your heart it’s dangerous and unethical to look at your phone while operating a vehicle. Not only do you put your life at risk, but you may injure or kill someone who is entirely innocent. By choosing to block messages and calls with a safe driving app, you can feel better about yourself and know you’re doing something good for the world at large.

After knowing these benefits of installing a safe driving app on your smartphone, why not give it a try? NIX from GoPoint has a dual USB and app technology lets you lock your phone while driving. Learn more about the USB and app for yourself and reap the benefits.